Friday, March 30, 2012


M Vita BB Cream SPF20 (moisture type)
Moist BB

This gentle BB Cream contains 7 essential vitamin complexes derived from natural ingredients, and helps to improve the skin. Multi-functional, convenient to use to moisturize, protect, correct skin tone and block harmful UV.

M BB Boomer 
Pink Pearl Primer
BB Boomer gives Missha’s M BB Cream a boost that will increase it’s effect and extend its wearability. With added pearlized luminescence the BB Boomer will provide a radiant glow for a dewy complexion and angelic sheen.
- Whitening + Wrinkle repairing
- Containing moringa, patent ingredient, mannan and olive ingredients which have an affinity with skin, it keeps moisture on the skin and creates moisture shield, leaving it moisturized after makeup.
- Containing adenosine and arbutin, it improves skin tone and fine lines.

Nur dieya said...

missha m perfect cover memeg best...i loike...lepas pakai kulit nmpak more shining n smooth jer...white head pon lmbat muncul...tenkz cik jaja coz introduce to me bout diz product...sgt berpuas ati...n akan bli ag...;) tongkat ajimat madura pon berkesan... suami aya pon makin syg..

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